iPE - BMW G20/G21 - M340i - Engine Model B58

iPESKU: 0WX505-A0NN0-3

Material: Stainless Steel
Exhaust Options: Downpipe
Downpipe Options: Catted (Non-OPF)
Sale price$1,265.00


BMW G20/G21 - M340i - Engine B58

The BMW 3 Series adopts a new Efficient Light Weight body structure, which can increase body rigidity by 25% and enhance key components by 50%.

The front suspension tower, engine auxiliary beam and hood are all replaced with aluminum alloy.

With other details, the weight of the whole car is 55 kg lighter than the previous generation.

In addition, the wheelbase is longer and the tire grip area is larger.

BMW always maintains a 50:50 weight.

The BMW G20 / G21 is definitely a good car worth have.

However the M340i is too mild in terms of exhaust noise. This is not to say that the 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo and 374hp/51kgm are not enough, but the 840i and GR Supra are also equipped with the same B58 engine, they sound so fierce and exciting, and the M340i sounds without personality.

In fact, the exhaust sound is tamed or mad, which is more affected by the ECU adjustment, and the exhaust system will only make the effect more obvious.

The Catalyst for this car is a 200-Cell Sportscat.

If you choose no cat, the fuel content in the exhaust gas will increase, which will make it easy for the exhaust gas to make interesting sounds, such as Pop & Bang.

Compatible with factory valve control system

Changing to the OPF version Catted/Catless Downpipe may cause CEL (Check Engine Light), therefore will require ECU tune to eliminate CEL (NO warranty for CEL)

All comes with Standard Tips (Chrome Silver)
Other colors are value-added, if require please contact our team.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty