iPE - BMW G22/G23/G26 - 420i / 425i /430i - Engine Model B48

iPESKU: 0W3030-A0NN0-3

Material: Stainless Steel
Exhaust Options: Downpipe
Downpipe Options: Catted (Non-OPF)
Sale price$1,155.00


BMW G22/G23/G26 - 420i / 425i /430i - Engine Model B48

Please confirm whether your car has an “OPF system” before placing an order.

Please confirm the Downpipe is the V-clamp version or the intubate version.

The G22 430i Model unavailable B46 engine.

Please confirm OPF / Non-OPF version

Can't fit with B46 engine

Purchasing a BMW Electric Valve Motor is mandatory for G22/G23 420i/425i series

Changing to the OPF Version Catted/Catless Downpipe may cause CEL (Check Engine Light), therefore will require ECU tune to eliminate CEL (NO warranty for CEL)

All comes with Standard Tips (Chrome Silver)
Other colors are value-added, if require please contact our team.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty