iPE - FERRARI F8 Tributo / F8 Spider

iPESKU: 0F0F8-A0NO0-3

Material: Stainless Steel
Exhaust Options: Downpipe
Downpipe Options: Catted + Heat Protector
Sale price$4,950.00


Compatible with Factory Exhaust Valve System

All System are wrapped with Heat Blankets to significantly reduce engine bay heat

iPE Catback System ONLY fits with iPE Tips

Changing the OPF Version Downpipe/Catback System may cause CEL (Check Engine Light) therefore will require ECU tune to eliminate CEL (No Warranty for CEL)

For Non-OPF Version Catted/Catless Downpipe, please fasten the included bolts to the O2 Sensor Bung

All comes with Standard Tips (Polished Silver Tips)
Other colors are value-added, if require please contact our team.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty