iPE - PORSCHE 718 Spyder / 718 Cayman GT4 (982)

iPESKU: 0P18G4-A0N00-301

Material: Stainless Steel
Exhaust Options: Header with Downpipe
Downpipe Options: Cat Pipe
Sale price$3,080.00


Porsche 718 Spyder / 718 Cayman GT4 (982)

Before - Full Stock System

Valve off : 95dB
Valve on : 105dB


iPE Headers with 200 Cell Sport cat + Front Pipe + Muffler

Valve off : 102dB
Valve on : 114dB

iPE Muffler Only

Valve off : 97dB
Valve on : 108dB

iPE Front Pipe + Muffler Only

Valve off : 99dB
Valve on : 110dB

Size: Headers

iPE: Ø 44.5mm
Front Pipe iPE: Ø 63.5mm
Muffler iPE: Ø 63.5mm

iPE Header with 200 cell Cat = 8.49KG (OEM11.22KG
iPE Header with Cat-bypass = 6.04KG (OEM11.22KG)
iPE Front Pipe = SS 5.17KG / Ti 2.50KG (OEM 10.62KG)
iPE Muffler = SS 12.73KG / Ti 7.47KG (OEM 16.63KG)
iPE Total Weight = SS 26.36KG (-35%KG) / Ti 18.46KG (-55%KG) (OEM 39.97KG)

Headers, Front Pipe & Catback System can be sold individually
Stock Tips will NOT fit with iPE's Muffler
Changing to the OPF version Front Pipe may cause CEL (Check Engine Light), therefore will require ECU tune to eliminate  CEL (NO Warranty for CEL)
Please check how was the muffler mounted prior to purchase.
iPE Muffler does NOT fit with early style exhaust brackets.

Please confirm whether your car has an “OPF System” before placing an order.

All comes with Standard Tips (Chrome Silver)
Other colors are value-added, if require please contact our team.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty