MILLTEK SPORT PORSCHE Cayman 718 GTS 2.5T - Full System including Cat Replacement Pipe

Milltek SportSKU: SSXPO147

Exhaust Option: Full System with Downpipe
Trim Finishes: Burnt Titanium
Sale price$2,964.00


Fitting Guide:
Porsche Cayman 718 GTS 2.5T

SKU: SSXPO147, 148, 145, 144, 146
Full System with Decat
Requires a Stage 2 ECU Remap

- Cat Replacement Pipe
- Connecting Pipe
- LH Front Connecting Pipe
- RH Front Connecting Pipe
- LH Rear Connecting Pipe
- RH Rear Connecting Pipe
- Rear Silencer Balance Pipe
- Exhaust Trims

Part Number: MSPO256REP
Cat Replacement Pipe